Zeus Inc. Releases New ePTFE Tubing

Zeus Inc.’s new expanded PTFE (ePTFE) provides a unique set of options for this special microporous form of PTFE. This new material is extremely durable and has many of the same features as PTFE. It is highly chemically resistant with excellent dielectric properties and is available in multiple forms.

Aeos™ ePTFE can be made into a variety of forms including tubing, laminations, monofilaments, membranes, ribbons, special profiles, multi-lumens and extruded over wire. The microporous nature of ePTFE allows a wide range of porosities, which can be custom made to your requirements. Aeos™ ePTFE can also be laminated with substrates for even greater customization. Aeos™ ePTFE tubing is available in biaxial and uniaxial oriented forms.

Image credit: Zeus Inc.

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