Why Does NewAge Offer 3 Types of Clearflo PVC Tubing?

Because there are so many uses for it!

Clearflo unreinforced PVC tubing was introduced in 1962. Its clarity and flexibility helped it quickly gain favor as a basic fluid transfer tubing, and it has been part of NewAge’s core product line since that time. In 1997, a version of Clearflo specially engineered for use in fuel and oil applications was launched. Called Clearflo Fuel & Oil, it was designed to outlast standard Clearflo in petroleum-based applications.

Both styles remain industry staples. However, health standards and opinions change over time, and eventually customers began asking for products made without plasticizers and phthalates like DEHP. Enter Clearflo Ag-47! Introduced in 2015, this antimicrobial tubing is made without plasticizers and phthalates and guards against bacteria such as E. coli, listeria, salmonella, legionella and MRSA. It uses no animal-derived ingredients and is NSF-51 listed for food equipment materials.

With continued unease over the possible health effects of DEHP and other phthalates, NewAge has continued to source products made without these chemicals. Earlier this year, the company introduced a reformulated version of Clearflo, now called Clearflo 70. This versatile tubing is made without phthalates, BPA or plasticizers, and like Clearflo Ag-47, is NSF-51 listed. It’s an ideal tubing solution for food and beverage applications and for the transfer of fluids, gases and air in the medical device and health care markets.

Courtesy of NewAge Industries.

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