What Does ‘Dog Leg’ Mean for Hoses?

In the world of industrial hose, a dog leg refers to an assembly made by joining two lengths of hose to a 90º elbow to allow for movement from two planes of motion in a piping system. These assemblies can be an excellent solution for a piping system whenever vibration from multiple directions is concerned!

Uncontrolled movement is one of the most potent design obstacles in industry. In papermaking, the rolling and rotating dryer can is one of the most notorious culprits. Spinning continuously, the dryers put tremendous stress on their rotary joints, and over time, the dryers start to vibrate and exhibit movement which can wreak havoc on the surrounding piping. This movement combined with the heat, steam, condensate, and chemical nature of this environment make a flexible metal piping component the ideal solution. Hose Master has assisted the paper industry with this issue for years through the use of their high quality dogleg assemblies.

Uncontrolled movements are best addressed with a construction that can fully accommodate multiple planes. A dogleg hose is two complete assemblies that are joined by an elbow, which combines their flexibility and allows the assembly to go a combination of up, down, and side-to-side. To reduce the number of leak points and increase the overall flexible length of the hose, Hose Master employs expertly trained welders to make these hoses a fully-welded assembly.

Benefits of a dogleg assembly include:

  • Temperature Resistance. 100% stainless steel construction for the best resistance to high steam temperatures
  • Corrosion Resistance. 321 & 316 series stainless steel and C276 alloy provide superior corrosion resistance
  • Less Downtime. Longer lasting service life translates into less downtime and maintenance costs
  • Reliability. All-welded assembly means fewer leak points and more reliability

Courtesy of Hose Master.

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