What Are The Latest Hose Safety Tips?

The Hose + Coupling World Americas 2020 team is excited to partner with the National Association of Hose and Accessories Distributors (NAHAD) and the Hose Safety Institute (HSI) to deliver an educational conference program for the hose and coupling community, at the Hose + Coupling World Americas Conference & Expo 2020.

Formed almost 20 years ago, NAHAD’s educational program, the HSI, commonly provides a forum for manufacturers, distributors, end users and related organizations to discuss better ways to promote and drive hose assembly safety, quality and reliability. Through the HSI structure, NAHAD has been able to support industry collaboration, build consensus and establish minimum performance standards for hose assembly design, fabrication, and overall management. Most importantly, it offers NAHAD members a roadmap for consistent, reliable and safe hose fabrication.

The program has produced multiple publications based on the outcomes of industry collaboration and consensus – the most significant of which are ‘The HSI Handbook for the Design and Specification of Hose Assemblies’ and ‘The NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines’ – commonly referred to as the ‘HSI Fabrication Guides’. These publications define, in detail, the guidelines and best practices that support and complement existing industry and federal regulations.

In addition to its education format, NAHAD members have the opportunity to pursue an HSI membership. HSI members share a passion for the industry and have pledged their commitment to support and promote hose assembly safety, quality and reliability through education, research, and collaboration through end user forums.

NAHAD is looking forward to offering a series of HSI educational sessions at Hose + Coupling World Americas Conference & Expo 2020. This session series will focus on the practical application of HSI guidelines and best practices used by its members and in NAHAD’s education and training programs.

To learn more about the Hose + Coupling World Americas 2020 event, please visit https://www.hosecouplingworldexpoamericas.com/.

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