Watson-Marlow Highlights MasoSine Certa Sine and Bredel Pump Solutions

Another product range from WMFTS with extensive applications in wineries and bottling centers is the Bredel line of peristaltic hose pumps. The line-up includes large-capacity pumps designed to handle heavy slurries with a high density of suspended particles. Peristaltic pumps are the ideal solution for the safe transfer of grape/berry must.

Using a unique, direct coupled technology, Bredel pumps offer a compact footprint – the fruit must is pumped through a secure hose without any seals or contact with internal moving parts, ensuring a gentle transfer and better quality outcomes on the final product. At the same time, industrial-grade suction power – lift capacity of 30 feet – allows for the movement of large quantities of product with high efficiency.

Courtesy of Watson-Marlow.

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