VERSILON™ XFR: Full FDA Food Contact Compliance

Saint-Gobain is committed to preserving fluid integrity in all of its fluid transfer products and aims to mitigate risk wherever possible.

Launched last year, Versilon XFR is a lightweight, suction and discharge hose designed for food and beverage transfer applications. Lighter than traditional suction and discharge hoses, Versilon XFR has excellent flexibility to facilitate pump and tank attachment. The hose is compatible with many food product types such as dairy, beer, wine, and spirits.

All Versilon XFR’s layers are FDA compliant: its inner bromobutyl rubber tube, which reduces the risk of flavor contamination, its reinforcement layer, and its smooth, convoluted blue hose cover, which is abrasion, ozone, aging, oil and chemical resistant. Additionally, the outer cover’s wide corrugated, low friction material is easy to clean and leaves no marks when dragged on the floor. Versilon XFR hose assemblies conform to the 3-A Sanitary Standard 62-02. To further ensure strict hygienic standards, Versilon XFR can be cleaned via CIP or SIP methods.

Saint-Gobain offers complete hose and fitting solutions. Specially designed reusable ReSeal® fittings, which are available for use with Versilon XFR, provide a complete and cost-effective solution for food and beverage applications. As the hose is replaced, the fittings can be reused. Additionally, Saint-Gobain offers a full line of permanent crimp style fittings specifically designed to work with Versilon XFR for the highest standards in both quality and reliability. For easy handling and additional protection, HoseGard™ hose support can be added to elevate the hose from the floor in washdown applications.

Courtesy of Saint-Gobain.

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