Unplug the plug: Two New Products from UNIFLEX

UNIFLEX’s mobile 700 bar high-pressure unit

Due to their high performance, crimping precision, robustness and compact dimensions, the mobile hydraulic crimpers from UNIFLEX are appreciated all over the world. With an innovative high-pressure unit, UNIFLEX now offers a practical accessory, i.e., an ingeniously simple external drive: Using this easy-to-handle unit and an off-the-shelf screwdriver (drive torque: at least 25 NM), manually operated workshop crimpers for 1” hoses (4SH/R15) can be driven hydraulically with low or high pressure.

See how this precisely functions in the video!

Video: https://youtu.be/tPHpBHLP664

The first battery-driven hose cutting machine from UNIFLEX

For unbeatable mobility: the new battery-driven EM 1SB cutting machine from UNIFLEX cuts hydraulic and industrial hoses up to an outside diameter of SAE R12 1 ¼” like a hot knife through butter. Weighing only 7 kg, the device is extremely compact, can be fixed quickly and guarantees clean cuts – thanks to the TM C high-quality cutting blade and the extra-long fixing bolts for the workpieces to be cut. The EM 1SB standard package comes with two exchangeable batteries for cutting at 5000 RPM with 90 Wh – and a UNIFLEX manufacturer’s warranty of two full years.

Video: https://youtu.be/mSwzJnaRGK8

Courtesy of UNIFLEX.

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