UNIFLEX’s Pneumatic UP 15 P Embossing Device

Marking products unambiguously is also very important for manufacturers and repair service workshops in the field of hose and pipe assemblies. Not only in order to consistently leave a good impression by doing a great job and supplying good products, but also in order to offer customers the kind of service they expect – with fittings that are always identifiable and, as a result, can easily be exchanged.

Proof that the marking of fittings can also be carried out with outright ease is given by UNIFLEX with the new, pneumatically driven UP 15 P embossing device. Using 1- or 2-line stamps for up to 30 characters (plus 4 easily adjust-able daisy wheels and bar/psi interchangeable stamps), production, serial or article numbers as well as manufacturer’s codes, etc. can be embossed into fittings with ease and precision. What’s unique is the possibility to mark one-piece fittings with 90° elbows safely. With the CE-compliant 2-hand safety operation system, you can mark workpieces with a diameter from 11.5 to 90 mm without any risk of injury. All you additionally need is a 7 bar (100 psi) compressed air connection.

With a weight of only 80 kg, a base of 600 mm width x 454 mm depth and a height of 500 mm, the light and compact device perfectly fits on the TU work-bench from UNIFLEX offered as an accessory. Easy settings and adjustments also for single units and 90° fittings of machines and workpieces are a given, as is a counter of the number of embossing operations – up to a depth of 0.5 mm, depending on the type and material.

Like all devices and accessories from UNIFLEX, the UP 15 P embossing de-vice is supplied in the original long-life UNIFLEX quality. With proper maintenance and careful handling, the UNIFLEX devices can offer their users decades of service life of their investments. Therefore, UNIFLEX machines with their nearly legendary, extremely rare need for repair not only stand for “The best Return on Investment” but also for CO2-conscious investments – and for two full years of manufacturer’s warranty based on nearly 50 years of experience and quality in machinery manufacturing.

Courtesy of UNIFLEX.

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