UNIFLEX UWT 2.2 hose coiling reel with speed control

Since good is never good enough for UNIFLEX, the Karben-based systems developer for hose production has added a convenient feature to its well-known motor-driven UWT 2 hose coiling reel. With the new UWT 2.2, the coiling speed can be continuously adjusted in both directions – from 0 to 50 rev/min. As before, there are two-foot pedals for clockwise or counter-clockwise operation of the electrically driven coiling reel.

Watch the video of the UWT 2.2 in action here.

Use the UNIFLEX hose coiling reel to easily wind and unwind hoses up to 1 ¼ inch in diameter. Five-position centering bolts, eyelets in different sizes, a bearing face diameter of up to 65 cm and big recess grips that facilitate the fixing and handling of the hose coils ensure maximum workplace ergonomics. A mechanical slip clutch, the protective cap of the pedal and the screw connection to the floor are the most important safety features.

A separate UMS 4 hose length measuring device including floor stand is also available. Thanks to its solid, compact design, the 70 kg coiling wheel with its maximum carrying capacity of 80 kg is a robust workhorse that should accompany every UNIFLEX hose crimper.

Caption: Low-tech with high quality: The UWT 2.2 now with speed control.

Image courtesy of UNIFLEX 

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