UNIFLEX UVC 100 Suction Device

The UNIFLEX hose cutters make clean cuts – but the generation of dust, fumes and odours is unavoidable. Therefore, UNIFLEX has developed the UVC 100 suction and filter device for up to three hose cutting machines. A balanced compromise between the volume flow and the negative pressure keeps the air clean during the cutting of hydraulic hose assemblies and protects operators from fine particles that are harmful to their health. The multi-step exhaust air purification runs with a spark stop function, cyclone filter technology for the pre-separation of coarse particles, cartridge filter for fine particles, HEPA particle filter for very fine particles and carbon filter to neutralize odours – all that with a full 2-year UNIFLEX manufacturer’s warranty (except for wear parts like filters, etc.).

Suction filter system for the simultaneous extraction from up to three hose cutters:

  • Due to the high suction capacity and strong handling capacity, both small, very light suspended particles as well as big, heavy particles, e.g., from rubber abrasion, are absorbed.
  • Thanks to the HEPA filter, the UVC 100 also functions as an air cleaner for ambient air.
  • The air volume of a medium-sized, 20 m x 25 m room is circulated within one hour and cleaned for operation room air quality.
  • Cleaning of smoke, oil particles, odours; and even viruses (influenza viruses, COVID-19, etc.) are efficiently absorbed up to a level of 99.95%.
  • Very low noise level (under 70 dB) despite the strong suction power.
  • Safety: integrated spark extinguisher.
  • The filter quality complies with the H13 EN 1822 // ISO 29463 standards.

Link to fact sheet: https://kurzelinks.de/UVC-100

Courtesy of Uniflex.

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