UNIFLEX UVC 100: Odor-Neutralizing Air Cleaner

UNIFLEX hose cutting machines make clean cuts – but the generation of dust, fumes and odors cannot be avoided. Therefore, UNIFLEX has developed the UVC 100, an external suction and filter device for simultaneous use with up to three cutting machines. A balanced compromise between volume flow and negative pressure keeps the air clean during the cutting of hose assemblies and protects the operators from fine particles. After all, health at the workplace should always have top priority.

The multi-step exhaust air purification runs with a spark stop function, cyclone filter technology for the pre-separation of coarse particles, HEPA filter for dust, particle filter for fine particles and carbon filter for odor neutralization – and all that with two full years of UNIFLEX manufacturer’s warranty (except wear parts like filters, etc.).

The wheel-equipped devices with a basic footprint of 90 x 90 cm are 206 cm in height and weigh approximately 500 kg – incl. a 12-liter dust collection container. With a maximum volume flow of 1440 m3/h and an extremely high negative pressure of up to 4600 Pa, the UNIFLEX UVC 100 has an easy-to-clean, easy-to-exchange main filter surface of 10 m2. Based on an intake voltage of 400V, the device offers 3.0 KW of drive power. Of course, the UNIFLEX UVC 100 can also be connected to other suitable machines that require high-performance suction. Suitable devices have an intake diameter of 100-160 mm. The suction and filter performance increases with the size of the diameter.

Learn more: http://short.uniflex.de/uvc100

Courtesy of UNIFLEX.

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