Uniflex Introduces New RG10 Hose Cleaning Device

UNIFLEX has recently released a new RG10 hose cleaning device for the demanding hydraulic systems. Abrasion during the cutting and crimping of hoses causes the formation of chips or scales, which must not be present, as specified in ISO 4406 and NAS 1638. The RG10 was created to solve this problem.

The robust RG10 is uniquely designed with its large water tank, diaphragm pump and pressure filter. Cleaning is accomplished by a closed water circuit with a neutral cleaning emulsion.

The RG10 is suited for all types and sizes of hose and pipe assemblies up to a 2″ (50.8 mm) inner diameter and up to 20 m in length. The RG10 can achieve the cleanliness required by NAS and ISO specifications. This is essential for hose assembly manufacturers that need to document and verify the level of cleanliness.

Image credit: Uniflex

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