Uniflex Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1972. Thanks to the pioneering innovations and the extraordinary product quality, the flourishing company rapidly developed into one of the worldwide leading suppliers of machines for the production of hose assemblies.

After 50 years, Uniflex is a supplier par excellence as regards to the production of hose assemblies – ranging from workshop equipment to the production plant. Hose crimpers, hose cutting machines, perforating devices, skiving machines, embossing devices, test systems, software and cleaning devices, are innovative, reliable and long-lasting, having been developed in close cooperation with leading hose assembly prefabricators and users all over the world and distributed globally.

The company has branches and subsidiaries in America and Asia is a supplier to the entire world market. More than 85 % of the Uniflex products are exported, to market leaders like Caterpillar, Gates and Parker.

At Uniflex, there are no production lines and there is no mass production. The hose crimpers and all other devices and machines are produced in line with classical manufacturing processes, by hand and mostly only to order. Therefore, every crimper is really a unique “Made in Germany” product carefully assembled by well-trained skilled staff, allowing for mostly custom-made products and customized variants.

Building on the innovative lead as a result of the development of the slide bearing technology 50 years ago, Uniflex has relentlessly strived for further, practice-based development and innovation of sustainable and ergonomic machines for the production and repair of hoses. The company also has taken action in terms of digitization. The company has developed the UNIFLEX Wireless Management System (UWMS) subsequent to the Control.2 system. This innovative software can be used to save product data on a server and to consistently update all supplements. Via the Internet, users can then upload an app to their smart phone or tablet and subsequently send the crimp order by Bluetooth directly to the hose crimper.

The advantages of Control.2 include:

  • Current crimp data keep the customers and users up to date.
  • All data of the installed hydraulic crimpers (e.g., number of crimping operations, details about what has been crimped, plus the data recorded during the crimping process) can be retrieved at any time.
  • Entry of series numbers enables users to compile stable tracing systems and systems for repeat orders.
  • Data analyses and reports, such as market assessments, can be compiled with ease.

The UWMS (Uniflex Wireless Management System) uses slide bearing technology. In contrast to lubricated crimpers, Uniflex crimpers function with nearly no friction loss at all. This reduces the maintenance operations to a minimum, because “crimping without lubricating” is cleaner and less labour-intensive. Furthermore, Uniflex machines are known for optimum work results, a reliable ROI and maximum ergonomics. A comprehensive range of accessories makes operations with the different devices even simpler.

Courtesy of Uniflex.

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