ULS.2: UNIFLEX Label Printer for Workplace Safety

UNIFLEX has recently released the ULS.2 label printer. The manufacturers of hose assemblies and repair workshops can use it to colour code special labels thus ensuring that hoses and other components of the system can be replaced in time, for instance, as part of regular maintenance operations, before potential damages due to wear and tear occur.

The label printers are operated via the touch screen of the UNIFLEX control C2 or wirelessly via an optionally available App on the user`s own smart phone or tablet.

The labels are available in two different widths/breadths. Both variants come in banderoles à 5000 pieces of transparent, pre-printed foil made of high stability high-performance vinyl that has been specially developed for optimum adhesion on surfaces of rubber and thermoplastic hoses. In order to secure a long service life, the labels are UV resistant. Another benefit is that the manufacturer`s mark can be added as an advertising measure.

Image credit: Uniflex

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