UIP International expands

In the hopes to bring value-added services, UIP International is continuing to expand. They have recently invested in new product lines, technologically advanced equipment and key personnel. They currently wholesale supply industrial rubber hose, hose couplings, sheet rubber and gasket materials. UIP offers custom hose assemblies including dock, dredge, and material handling hoses, and have the solutions for material transfer applications.

With two locations, UIP is moving forward with a cut and couple program for industrial and hydraulic hose. They have employed crimp machines with crimping capabilities of up to 8”ID standard assemblies in Houston, TX and up to 4”ID assemblies in Pompano Beach, FL. Additionally, a brand new, high-production gasket cutting machine has been mass-producing nonmetallic, semi-metallic and non-asbestos gaskets at their Pompano Beach, FL facility. Their shop personnel provide professional services in sheet rubber conversion techniques, fabricating hand-cut, die-cut and stripping gasket materials. With a network of experienced sales and manufacturing representatives and a vast range of products, UIP International stands ready to help their distributors build and grow their businesses.

Image Courtesey : UIP International

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