Trelleborg’s high-performance ceramic hose

After four years in development, Trelleborg has unveiled its brand-new Performer Ceramic Hose. The design is based on innovative engineering research and the special patented diamond-shaped ceramic tiles allow the hose to be much more flexible. In recent performance tests, the new hose has lasted 10 times longer than a rubber hose in highly abrasive industrial applications. The Performer Ceramic hose also has been proven to last up to 61 weeks instead of the three to six weeks for a standard rubber hose. When the hose does eventually wear out, it can be easily replaced without much hassle. The patented design is configured in such a way that despite being 92% ceramic with an embedded steel helix, the new hose can still be cut in the same way as an ordinary rubber hose and no special ceramic saw is needed. The half-shells of Trelleborg’s Bloc-End coupling also make the hose fast to install on site.

Image courtesy of Trelleborg

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