Trelleborg Updates O-Rings and Back-up Rings Catalog

The O-Rings and Back-up Rings catalog has been updated with four additional materials and adjusted sizes and tolerances based on AS568 for easier ordering.

Simple in form, but not in function, the humble O-Ring is one of the most widely used seals in the world. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions continues to develop their offering with efficiency and performance in mind, further optimizing the applications in which they are found.

O-Rings are available in a wide selection of materials and designs, offering consistent and reliable sealing in thousands of applications. Our O-Ring and Back-up Ring catalog has been updated with the latest developments to ensure customers can always easily find the best solution.

Key updates related to AS568 include:

  • Adjustments to sizes and tolerances to reflect SAE International Aerospace Standard AS568.
  • Two FKM and two NBR materials added to directly meet AS568 tolerances, with associated material codes for easy ordering.

Courtesy of Trelleborg.

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