The UNIFLEX HM 220 & 225: Quality and Cost Effective

The HM 220 and HM 225 hose crimpers from UNIFLEX are high quality, cost effective, and feature a high user-friendliness and a long service life thanks to their narrow, innovative design. Their high crimp force (1350 and 1600 kN, respectively) and vast accessibility offer users what they need for crimping large numbers of hydraulic fittings with nominal widths of up to 1″ and 1 ¼” 4 SH, respectively, as well as up to 2″ for industrial hoses. Via the Control C.2 system (ready for Industry 4.0), it is possible to crimp twice as fast with twice less force. The tried and tested lubrication-free slide bearing technology re-duces the maintenance costs and enables UNIFLEX to provide a manufacturer’s warranty for two full years.

The high ergonomic standard and versatility of these reliable production crimpers from UNIFLEX are also due to the big opening paths from 33 mm up to 105 and 110 mm (HM 225), respectively. This means it is also possible to crimp many 90° fittings effortlessly. Since the crimpers are narrow, they can be operated and fed from both sides. They can also be easily maintained and quickly retooled. New crimping dies can be inserted in less than 13 seconds thanks to the quick-change tools and the two pin positions (only for the HM 225).

In fact, the crimping process takes less than 1 minute. Once the workpiece is placed on the fixed 6° clock die, closing and opening of the dies (10.5 mm each) take just 18.5 seconds each; the proper crimping process (5 mm) takes only 1.5 seconds. The crimpers are controlled using the tried and tested UNIFLEX Control C.2 system with 7” color touch screen.

The PTS system is available as an option. This accessory can be used to mark workpieces individually with an article or series number in one go with the crimping process by means of a special crimping die.

The HM 220 and HM 225 hose crimpers from UNIFLEX also feature the patented slide bearing technology with its decades of proven efficiency for lubrication-free crimping. Therefore, the crimpers require extremely little maintenance, stay clean, and deliver reliable and consistent crimping results over a long time, leading to roughly 20% higher productivity.

Courtesy of UNIFLEX.

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