The New UNIFLEX EM 1/EM 1S Cutting Machines

UNIFLEX, global market leader of high-quality crimpers for hydraulic hoses, also offers a wide range of accessories. Work is made easier when different cutting machines for hydraulic hoses of all size categories are used. Especially easy is the precise cutting of smaller hoses up to a diameter of 1¼” with the cutting machine EM 1, which has been re-engineered in some important details, and the variant EM 1S.

The mobile cutting machines which are just slightly bigger and are fixed at the workplace, i.e. the “cutting table”, by means of two screws.

In order to be able to cut hoses with a larger diameter without any problems, there is a new, easy-to-exchange cutting blade (TM C; for the EM 1S only) and a factory-made slightly larger baseplate with longer holding pins for simple bending, clamping and fixing of workpieces. Cutting hoses is complete in a matter of seconds, cleanly and precisely.

Both “small” cutting machines from UNIFLEX, the EM 1 for hoses up to 5/8” and the EM 1S for hoses up to 1¼” in diameter, are available in two motor versions (230 and 110 V, 50/60 Hz 1 Phase) for trouble-free use worldwide. Both devices can be operated with little effort, are supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years and are EC compliant.

Courtesy of UNIFLEX.

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