The Hose That Won’t Leave You Fuming

Flexaust’s NEW Flex-Tube VR-U vapor recovery hose is an advanced static dissipative, UV resistant, polyurethane blend hose reinforced with a UV resistant rigid external PVC helix and an embedded copper braided grounding wire; designed to handle the vapor recovery of the below substances at service stations and transfer terminals: Gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol.

VR-U Vapor recovery hose is resistant to all biofuel vapors while containing excellent flexibility even in low temperatures, so it will not become stiff. In addition, the hose has been specially made to be lighter weight than heavy walled rubber hoses for easy handling from terminal to truck. For more information on VR-U, visit Flexaust’s Product Guide Page or call 800-343-0428 for more information.

Courtesy of Flexaust.

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