The Hi-Tech Duravent Flex-Flyte Fiberglass Hose

The Flex-Flyte L-9 fiberglass hose from Hi-Tech Duravent has been expertly designed for plastics-processing tasks, and it is particularly ideal for conveying hot and dry air used to remove surface moisture from plastic resins. The Flex-Flyte L-9 is a lightweight, non-kinking hose that is brick-red in color and that resists weather and ultraviolet rays.

The team builds this unit out of two-ply fiberglass fabric and coats it with silicone rubber, both inside and outside the hose, with a helically wound spring wire embedded between the two plies.

The Flex-Flyte hose offers other notable features and benefits: cuffed ends; easy installation; availability in one-ply form (U-9) for lower-pressure applications; continuous use in temperatures from -59 to 260 degrees Celsius; and ability to withstand temperatures above 315°C. Hi-Tech Duravent offers the Flex-Flyte L-9 hose in 12- and 25-foot lengths, with inner diameters that run from two to 12 inches, and non-standard lengths and cuffs are also available.

Courtesy of Hi-Tech Duravent.

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