The Hannay SSN700 Stainless Steel Spring Rewind Reels

Hannay’s SSN700: Stainless Steel Spring Rewind Reels can handle 1/4″ through 1/2″ I.D. hoses, and can be used in lubrication/potable water/chemical transfer/washdown/corrosive environments.

The Standard SSN Series has a narrow frame and compact mounting base, with a non-sparking ratchet assembly and declutching arbor to prevent damage from reverse winding.

The standard inlet: 90° stainless steel ball bearing swivel joint, 1/2″ female NPT threads, and the standard outlet: 1/2″ female NPT threads. Standard pressures range to 3000 psi (207 bar), with a temperature range from +20°F to +400°F (-7°C to +204°C).

Other features include:

  • 4-way roller assembly.
  • Constant tension is available consult factory.
  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Optional SST Mosmatic ½” balanced pressure swivel joint available, subtract 1.50″ from “F” dimension, specify when ordering.

Image credit: Hannay

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