The ERIKS Hose Asset Management Van

The ERIKS Hose Asset Management service van is here to make sure hoses are properly maintained.

When they’re poorly maintained or managed, industrial and hydraulic hoses can lead to problems ranging from energy inefficiencies, unplanned downtime and lost production, to catastrophic failure, environmental contamination and even critical health and safety risks.

But arriving on a job site with a van loaded with equipment, hose and know-how, ERIKS can help take care of a vital part of the production processes—hoses.

For industrial hoses, our engineers carry out a visual inspection, and electrical conductivity and pressure tests. Sizes, pressures and temperature ratings of hoses throughout your site will be accurately catalogued, and a printed report provided – identifying hoses which have passed, and those which need replacing.

Taking advantage of ERIKS’ cloud-based Hose Maintenance System also allows users to be alerted in good time when the hoses are due for testing. The ERIKS van will arrive with a test rig, ready to pressure-test your hoses on site. At the end of testing, and after any necessary replacements have been made, ERIKS will also provide the appropriate certification.

Courtesy of ERIKS.

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