The Aqua Blaster: Combining a Fire Hose with a Harness

The new Aqua Blaster is a harness frame fire hose and nozzle combination that will allow the manual use of a charged fire hose to be less stressful and safer to manage.

The video links that you can click on below will provide proof of concept and feedback from firefighters that conducted a demonstration with the Aqua Blaster.

The last three video links will show scenarios of how a charged fire hose can be difficult and potentially dangerous to manage when used in the conventional way as a comparison of how the Aqua Blaster could possibly minimize or even prevent these scenarios from occurring.

  • Works in conjunction with hoses and nozzles that are already being used
  • Easy to assemble and simple to use
  • Minimize number of persons needed to manage a fire hose
  • One user can safely manage a charged fire hose
  • Easy to maneuver while in use
  • Reduces stress and takes pressure off the back and joints
  • Easy to remove when no longer needed
  • Has the potential to reduce workers compensation claims and disability claims due to injury

Courtesy of KBLOCK Tools LLC.

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