Texcel’s 3-A Certification for Hose Assemblies

Texcel has announced that they have received 3-A certification for hose assemblies. The company provides 6 hoses from their FDA product line that are certified to be used in 3-A fabricated assemblies:

  • Balthazar™ Winery Hose
  • Balthazar™ HD Heavy Duty Winery Hose
  • Cornucopia™ All-Purpose Sanitary Hose
  • Dairy King™ Milk Hose
  • Elixir™ Distillery Hose
  • Growler™ Brewery Hose

By partnering with two fitting manufacturers, Texcel is able to provide couplings that are certified for 3-A assemblies:

  • LGV – STCC Tri-Clamp
  • LGV – SFILC Female I-Line
  • LGV – SBVSFC Female Bevel Seat
  • Dixon – CSSR Tri-Clamp

All 3-A certified hose assemblies are produced at Texcel’s headquarters in Houston, Texas. The company’s team couples customers’ chosen hose and fittings in a designated area. Clean and precise procedures are used throughout the entire process. When complete, the customer’s assembly is tagged, recorded as 3-A certified and shipped anywhere in the USA.

Courtesy of Texcel.

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