Tedesco & True North Launch Anmark Curvic Systems

True North Companies announces the launch of Anmark Systems, which has produced a revolutionary Curvic CNC machine that manufactures Curvic couplings and gauges widely used throughout the aerospace and defense industries. With the precision required to manufacture Curvic parts, only a few companies across the world have the expertise to build the manufacturing equipment needed to create these couplings.

Anmark Systems is a division of Anmark, which David Tedesco and True North acquired in 2011 and is the global leader in the manufacturing of Curvic couplings. The team at Anmark applied its 40 years of Curvic expertise to the two-year process of designing this highly specialized CNC machine, which went into production use in January 2018. The ability to manufacture its own equipment now enables Anmark greater capacity and faster turnaround times for its numerous clients, including Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, Rolls Royce, Boeing and GE. It also adds it to a very short list of companies who can manufacture and service these machines.

“As the world leader in Curvic coupling manufacturing, the Anmark team has the rare depth-of-knowledge necessary to manufacture this truly revolutionary Curvic CNC.” stated David Tedesco, True North Founder and Anmark CEO. “With the launch of Anmark Systems, we not only can now produce our own manufacturing equipment but are one of the very few companies that can service these types of machines. This further solidifies Anmark’s position as the global industry leader in Curvic couplings.”
Anmark Systems is in production with its second system, which will further enhance its ability to expand and take on new aerospace clients in need of Curvic couplings and gages.

Image courtesy of True North Companies

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