Tecpro Australia hose nozzle for hygienic applications

Tecpro Australia has introduced a new range of stainless steel hot water hose nozzles designed for use in hygienic applications in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The new 316L stainless steel hot water hose nozzle features a replaceable white EPDM rubber grip and can easily handle up to 16 Bar of water pressure (232 PSI) as well as hot water up to 80°C. The EPDM rubber cover minimizes heat transfer for greater user comfort during cleaning.

Key advantages of Tecpro’s stainless steel hot water hose nozzles include heavy duty design able to withstand the knocks and shocks of every day manufacturing; high flow, adjustable water pattern ranging from a narrow jet to a conical spread with a twist of the nozzle head; and simple operation with a twist in the opposite direction shutting off the water flow securely without leaking.

According to Patrick Cooper, a Technical Consultant at Tecpro Australia, the stainless steel hot water hose nozzle is ideal for use in a number of specialized industries where hygiene is critically important such as meat, fish and dairy industries, food processors, breweries and beverage manufacturers, and industrial kitchens, abattoirs and pharmaceutical plants.

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