T6 Heat Treatment Applied to Aluminum Camlock Couplings

Shanghai Haodao, a leading manufacturer of quick couplings, applies a T6 heat treatment process to every single aluminum alloyed camlock in order to ensure sufficient strength. Aluminum alloy has a dominant market share because it has the advantage of being light-weight and physically durable.

Heat Treatment is the process whereby controlled heating and cooling is used to alter the physical and mechanical properties of metals without affecting any change in the shape of the objects. Heat treatment is used to increase the material’s strength and also to improve machining, form and restore ductility.

Below are examples for sessions of T6 heat treatment, giving rise to a hardness between 80-100 BHN.

  • Solutionizing: keep materials in furnace at 525℃ for 8 hours;
  • Quenching: sudden quenching in water at 30℃;
  • Natural Ageing: up to 5 hours;
  • Precipitation: keep in furnace at 165℃ for 8 hours.

Image credit: Shanghai Haodao

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