SureFire Ag Systems Releases New Product Line

SureFire Ag Systems, an industry-leading agricultural manufacturer based in Atwood, Kansas, is pleased to announce the release of a new product line, known as Sentinel Row Control. This unique technology allows producers to control the application rate of each row. Sentinel Row Control makes it possible to optimize yields, reduce waste, and save money by reducing over applying.

Sentinel Row Control is the most advanced offering among SureFire’s liquid fertilizer application systems, combining Sentinel Row Monitor (row-by-row flow monitoring available since 2016) with flow control valves to control the flow and rate of each row. This technology allows every row of the planter to be its own section capable of controlling a unique rate, with monitoring of the as-applied rate in the cab.

For all its cutting-edge functionality, the plumbing for Sentinel Row Control is actually quite simple. A Sentinel flow meter module contains flow meters for four rows. A tube or hose runs from the flow meter of each module to the row control valve mounted on or near the row unit. A tube runs from the flow control valve to the placement device. The flow control valves control the rate and act as on/off valves for section control.

Sentinel Row Control is on a limited release for the 2022 planting season. The SureFire team plans to offer it for full release for the 2023 planting season.

Courtesy of SureFire Ag. 

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