Student Internships at Smart-Hose Technologies

Smart-Hose® Technologies was delighted to once again moderate summer internships for three engineering students. Kyle Ward, Nick Bromley, and Emily Poprik, all attending Penn State University, were given a hands-on opportunity to experience cutting edge manufacturing operations as a complement to their academic studies.

The interns, supervised by the engineering team at Smart-Hose® Technologies, performed product testing, research and data evaluation, inspections, test reports, and analytical analysis for the company’s production processes. As an essential company dedicated to safety, all measures were taken to maintain a safe environment for all.

Bill Horan, Director of Engineering stated, “It was a pleasure to have the interns here at Smart-Hose® Technologies. We hope they enjoyed the time spent, and further developed their skills and confidence in working with real-world applications.”

Courtesy of Smart-Hose® Technologies.

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