Storz Couplings Undergo Compression and Snatch Testing

Shanghai Haodao’s Storz Couplings are put through extensive compression tests and snatch tests before arriving in the client’s hands.

A Storz Coupling is a quarter turn internal lug coupling, easily connectable by the force of lugs inside the coupling itself. The couplings are widely used by fire services worldwide. However, if the couplings are used in fire services, a forged artcraft is needed to guarantee the safety and duration of the couplings.

As the metal is shaped during the forging process, its internal grain deforms to follow the general shape of the part. As a result, the grain is continuous, giving rise to a metal piece with improved strength characteristics.

Compression Testing and Snatch Testing

SME Couplings undergo the compression test to check the tensile strength; and snatch test on storz claws is performed taking casted and forged pieces in comparison, both in line with DIN standard requirements.

The compression test proves the metallurgy fibers are well connected, adding to its greater tensile strength and thus promises a longer lifetime resulted from forging fabrication.

In a snatch test, SME Couplings pull at the claws of a casted aluminum-alloy and a forged alloy piece, respectively, by using a hydraulic pulling machine. The claws of the forged alloy are torn apart as the accumulative force hits 98.4kN. The forged structural strength was proved to be 2.8x greater.

Image credit: Shanghai Haodao

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