Staying leak-proof under pressure

In his article Staying Leak-Proof Under Pressure: Joining Technology for High-Pressure Applications, Peter Golla, the Team Leader at Test Lab Maintal for the NORMA Group, explains how pressure resistance is one of the crucial attributes of joining technology solutions.

He writes, “Depending on which application they are used for, the components need to stay leak-proof under very high pressure, or also under very low pressure. Low pressure? Yes. Just think about a pipe coupling with sealing lips for example, which could be used to connect water pipes in buildings or other infrastructure projects, such as parking garages or tunnels. Fastening it securely onto the pipe endings is not necessarily easier under low pressure compared to high pressure: under high internal pressure in the pipe, the pipe endings will push harder against the sealing lips, making the connection tighter and less likely to shift or slip off. Therefore, we can see that low-pressure environments are not necessarily “easier” for the joining technology used in them. They just present different challenges. However, in this article, we are going to focus on pressure in general and high-pressure applications in particular.”

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