Stauff Group offers customized hydraulic test cases

Stauff Group, leading manufacturers and distributors of pipework equipment and hydraulic components for mechanical/plant engineering, service and industrial maintenance, has announced that it is now able to offer individually designed and equipped hydraulic test cases for maintenance and service.

Standard hydraulic test cases from Stauff have been a popular item with maintenance and service personnel for many years. In response to growing market demand for customized and optimized provision of tools, Stauff has seen an increase in requests for fully customized service cases in terms of size, materials, design and marking of the cases as well as the selection and arrangement of the included components.

In response, it is now possible to order fully customizable test cases, including the ability to add third-party products to the cases, for example special measuring and test devices or connection adapters which are not part of the regular Stauff range. This currently includes around 40,000 line components and other hydraulic accessories for mechanical engineering, plant engineering and industrial maintenance, as well as a large number of special and system solutions which are manufactured to customer specifications or based on own developments.

The Stauff offer for individually tailored service cases is primarily intended for OEMs in mechanical engineering and plant engineering. The target group also includes independent maintenance and service companies and similar service providers.

Image courtesy of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG.

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