Staubli’s Safety Quick Release Coupling for Air Lines

The safety quick couplings AQR have a quick connection for breathing air network tapping (Ø 08 – 11 – 19). They connect high flow equipment: distribution units, mobile trolleys, filter units… (Ø 08 – 11 – 19), and provide secure connection for the Breathing Air supply to personal protective equipment (masks, half suits and ventilated suits) (Ø 06).

At the time of disconnection, the operator is exposed to the dangerous ejection of the flexible tubing due to the pressurized compressed air. Therefore, the AQR 08 and AQR 11 couplings are equipped with anti hose-whip technology.

Mechanical coding for enhanced safety: the AQR range is specifically designed to prevent any accidental connection with other couplings.

Having direct connection between the protective equipment and the supply in Breathing Air, the AQR 06/DM is equipped with a safety device that prevents any untimely disconnection: the coupling may only be disconnected after performing 2 distinct actions.

Image credit: Staubli Corporation

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