Static Dissipative Hoses (SDH) from Hi-Tech Duravent

Constructed of a specially formulated thermoplastic polyurethane, the Static Dissipative Hoses (SDH) from Hi-Tech Duravent possesses Permanent inherent static dissipation, which is effective even in low humidity environments. SDH meets the Electronics Industry Association Standard 541 for static dissipative classification. SDH will not out gas and is free of fillers, halogens, and surface oils. SDH can be used in numerous demanding applications including electronic device manufacturing and pharmaceutical production.

SDH is an all urethane hose having excellent abrasion resistance, tear strength, clarity, and flexibility. These hoses have good chemical resistance as well as endurance against UV and ozone attack. With a wide array of applications producing static, it is an obvious choice to choose a static dissipative hose that can handle the task.

Courtesy of Hi-Tech Duravent.

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