SRM Industries introduces two new products

According to a company executive, SRM Industries Inc., a supplier of protective products and accessories used in the hose industry, has introduced two new products — its Rhino Blue Vinyl Wrap and Rhino Orange Drip Proof Plugs — as the company continues to see strong sales growth.

The vinyl wrap product, available in green or yellow, is for use with layflat rubber hose for protection from hose blowouts; layflat hoses can’t be easily inserted into the protective sleeve products that SRM typically supplies, so the Velcro on the vinyl wrap can be opened to allow the hose to easily fit in, according to SRM Vice President Bernie Jacobsen.

He added that the wrap can cut downtime for the end user by about 60 percent when replacing a hose that has failed; the wrap can be custom-fit to hose sizes from 5-150 feet. The layflat hoses the vinyl wrap is designed for are generally for outside applications such as chemical plants, or with an industrial tank truck hose, though it can be used with some hydraulic hose as well.

The drip proof plug replaces a product the firm previously had been supplying but that customers had some difficulties with. It is for use in plugging the end of blown or damaged hoses to contain remaining fluids until hose assembly fluid can be properly disposed.

Image courtesy of SRM Industries. 

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