SME Valves & Couplings Releases Anti Rust Couplings

YAK Air Claw Couplings are new rust-proof steel couplings released by SME Valves & Couplings, with an aim to stop malfunctions and failures of couplings.

Traditional air claw couplings will rust and are not known for their longevity. Now, SME has learned to plate with zinc to prevent rust. By doing this, the manufacturer can significantly increase the corrosion resistance of the underlying substrate.

According to recent salt spray tests: the YAK couplings can be tested for 168 hours without any signs of corrosion. The key is that the antirust process of the product does not pose a threat to the environment. It still inherits the excellent features of low cost and easy production. Therefore, the YAK Air Claw Coupling with new technology is the innovative product in line what the market demands.

Image credit: SME Valves & Couplings

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