Smart-Hose releases 2″ & 3″ cryogenic break-away hose

Smart-Hose Technologies recently released their new 2″ and 3″ Smart-Hose Cryogenic Break-Away Hose Assembly. Designed with an engineered break-point, the corresponding 2″ and 3″ fittings work in conjunction with the Smart-Hose System.

The break-away assembly is designed to offer several significant advantages over conventional cryogenic break-away couplings. Designed as a passive safety device, the Smart-Hose Cryogenic Hose Assembly requires no human intervention to activate. It also protects cryogenic facilities from catastrophic hose failures and pull-away incidents.

Located in Folcroft, Pennsylvania, USA, Smart-Hose Technologies is an engineering company that designs and integrates safety systems inside and around industrial transfer hose assemblies.

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