Smart-Hose Break-Away Coupler Approved in Canada

Smart-Hose® Technologies has obtained approvals from Canada’s Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) for their line of 2.0″ and 3.0″ Break-Away Adapter/Couplers (with polymer seal or metal seal for cryogenic applications) for all 13 Canadian provinces. Smart-Hose® Adapter/Coupler products provide break-away protection and offer the flexibility to be used with Smart-Hose® Assemblies, conventional hose assemblies, or where no hose attachments are required.

The Smart-Hose® Break-Away Adapter/Coupler is designed as a passive safety device, which means no human intervention is required to activate. It protects plant, tank truck, rail car, loading arms, and workforce from the hazardous consequences of a pull away incident, and product flow instantaneously shuts down in the event of a pull-away.

Courtesy of Smart-Hose® Technologies.

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