Silicone tubing line added in China by Natvar

Natvar business is expanding its silicone extrusion capacity by installing an additional line in China. The company will be installing the silicone tube line in Suzhou, China, with the aim to provide smaller size tubes to the local medical device market. The company said that this will include peristaltic and patient-controlled analgesia pumps.

Daniel Lazas, Senior Director of Sale Optimization for Tekni-Plex’s medical components business said, “It’s really because of the rise and the growth in the China market, especially in the medical market. It’s been going through quite a dynamic growth and there’s still (sourcing)from outside of China. They’re really pushing to buy in China, so we think there are a lot of opportunities there.” The company said that the variety of sizes Chinese medical customers are looking for cannot be produced by one extruder.

The tubing capabilities range from an inside diameter of just 1 inch down to 8,000th of an inch, said Natvar. They also stated that its silicone tubing can withstand a wide range of temperature and chemicals while maintaining strength and flexibility.

Image courtesy of Tekni Plex

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