Schaeffler EQUILIGN laser for optimal shaft alignment

Schaeffler Australia has introduced an advanced handheld laser optical alignment device designed to save on resources, reduce wear and energy costs, and increase the lifetime of plant machinery. A precision alignment tool, Schaeffler’s FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN, enables faster, easier alignment of coupled and uncoupled shafts in rotating equipment such as fans, motors, pumps, gearboxes, ventilators and compressors. Featuring standalone operation, PRUFTECHNIK architecture, and on-board report generation, the technology claims to reduce alignments to half the time typically taken by outdated or obsolete shaft laser types.

Coupled and uncoupled shafts need to be correctly aligned in order to achieve high efficiency and reliability in rotating equipment used extensively by industries such as food and beverage, processing, materials handling, mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, power generation, steel, metal fabrication, workshop maintenance, water and wastewater and infrastructure sites.

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