RYCO Introduces the CLEAN Kit

Did you know? A high percentage of hydraulic system failures can be attributed to fluid contamination. Contaminants that enter a hydraulic system such as dust, debris and dirt can cause system failure and, in some cases, serious damage to its components. Fluid contamination is a critical factor influencing the safety of hydraulic systems and therefore, minimizing the presence of any particles and impurities within the hydraulic hose assembly, tubing and components is of paramount importance.

The RYCO CLEAN Kit is an easy to use, low-cost solution to eliminate hydraulic contamination from the inside of hose, tube, and pipe. It is designed to clean the internal surfaces of hose, tube, and pipe effectively and efficiently. It comprises of a pneumatic Hand Launcher, an adaptor ring, and a range of specially designed nozzles to accommodate different sizes of hose, tube, and pipe.

Contamination is defined as any substance that enters a hydraulic system that is not a part of the working fluid of that system.

Various ways contaminants enter hydraulic systems include: during hose/tube assembly fabrication; at time of hose assembly or tube installation; Contaminants present in the working fluid; improper maintenance.

RYCO CLEAN Kit can be used in various applications including workshop environments such as mobile service vehicles, hose shop containers, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) production lines

Courtesy of RYCO.

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