RYCO Hydraulics: Leaders in Safety & Innovation

RYCO-Melbourne-Corporate-6 FEATURED STORY RYCO Hydraulics: Leaders in Safety & Innovation

Since 1946, RYCO has established an enviable reputation for its engineering expertise, service, quality, and delivery. Its recent merger with Manuli Rubber Industries, a hose manufacturer also widely recognized for its complete range of hoses, fittings, and assembly equipment, has not only elevated the company’s international capabilities, but has brought together the collective experience and know-how required to offer truly integrated solutions.

Hose + Coupling World had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Turner, Director of Engineering for RYCO North America, about how the globally leading brands have come together with a common goal, partnering with both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors to exceed customers expectations, and how as an individual identity RYCO is actively working on solutions for the next generation.

By Angelica Pajkovic

RYCO at a Glance

RYCO commenced manufacturing hydraulic hose, fittings, and accessories in Melbourne, Australia over 75 years ago. Since its inception, the company has expanded its product range to meet the ever-increasing needs of the worldwide hydraulic industry. With warehouses, OEM assembly centers, and RYCO 24/7 Service Centers strategically placed in Australia, Asia-Pacific, Canada, North America, South America, Europe, China, South Africa, and West Africa; and fully accredited manufacturing facilities in Australia, China and Malaysia, the company is able to provide the highest level of quality service.

While the company has seen significant growth over the years, both naturally and through small acquisitions, in February of 2020 RYCO chose to further its capabilities and become a new market leader, through its merger with Manuli Rubber Industries.

“When comparing a brief history of the company’s origins to that of Manuli’s, it becomes apparent that, throughout the years, they evolved very similarly. Just like RYCO, Manuli grew into a technology and innovation driven company, whose focus has always been on the customer. That is why the merger made sense,” explained Turner. “We were able to bring two globally leading brands, that share the common goal of delivering innovative market leading solutions to customers, together, whilst maintaining both individual brand identities.”

By working collaboratively, both companies can capture the full benefit of combining complementary product ranges, engineering, and innovation capabilities to continuously progress.


Matched RYCO Solutions

To ensure that the company is able to support its customers in their aspirations of growth, RYCO offers a number of products and services that exceed relevant industry standard. “We are very much a company set on cultivating relationships with people to create engineered solutions for our clients. We want to develop partnerships with our customers, and we do this in several ways,” continued Turner.

One of the most notable solutions that RYCO offers is its matched products; products specifically designed and manufactured so that the hydraulic hose and fitting ‘match’ each other. With safety and risk management as a prime concern, the company is committed to protecting the health and well-being of employees, contractors, visitors, and the public within the workplace. It does so through the increased margin of operational safety that using matched hose and fittings offers. “Today’s hydraulic systems are required to withstand increasingly higher pressures. This means that the attachment of a fitting to the end of a hose becomes more critical. While it is a simple operation, it is a complex engineering solution,” stated Turner.

International hose standards specify a set of materials and tolerances, such as internal and external dimensions and reinforcement types and patterns. The reality is that while these standards are adhered to by all manufacturers, the tolerances themselves are so broad that if the entire allowable tolerance was used in manufacturing, users would encounter a high failure rate due to hose and fitting tolerance mismatching. High quality hose manufacturers must adopt their own tolerance limits which are often at least half of the allowed range.

This is where ‘Mixing and Matching’ becomes an issue: component manufacturer ‘A’ could produce parts on the lower limits of the tolerance, and manufacturer ‘B’ is on the upper end of the tolerance. If a fitting from ‘B’ was put on a hose from ‘A’ at the specified crimp diameter of ‘B’, there would be little chance of adequate fitting retention, which would most likely result in failure.

“Our design teams, therefore, ensure that the hose assemblies they create are matched and stringently tested in labs, and field trials, to make sure they will perform when pushed to the limit in real-world applications. The products are accredited by independent third-party organizations, and we make a conscious effort to stay ahead of our competitors with innovative solutions,” said Turner.


Exceeding Expectations

To provide quality hydraulic hose and fitting products that perform equal to, or better than, its customers’ requirements and expectations, RYCO has also dedicated its time and resources to partnering with OEMs and distributors “As we are involved with several markets, including construction, forestry, material transport, agriculture, open pit and underground mining, and transportation, it is important that we are working with individuals on the frontlines who can relay the real needs and pain points that our customers have. That way, whenever we run into an issue, or a new opportunity for innovation is presented, we are right there to develop a viable solution,” stated Turner.

“Our relationship with our distribution partners, simultaneously helps us to really understand what the upcoming and latest requirements are globally. We must listen to our customers and our distribution partners, to anticipate and meet their needs, by expanding our stock or our product offerings whenever the need arises.”

RYCO’s commitment to providing ease of access to information through the use of apps and online tools is another way the company has gained its reputability. “By maintaining a very consistent data range and giving access to dedicated IT professionals tasked with ensuring a hassle-free experience, we will grow with the industry as these platforms continue to evolve,” continued Turner.

Impulse test.

Hose Product Innovations

The company also strives to develop and implement new processes to become more competitive in the marketplace. “We want to be different than the traditional manufacturer,” said Turner. “We are constantly looking at ways to not only improve our products, but to eliminate waste in the manufacturing process and ultimately be the supplier of choice.” To accomplish this, RYCO offers several unique products, four of which are highlighted below.


The RYCO ISOBARIC flagship hose range consists of both wire braid and spiral hoses
that have bright color-coded laylines for simple and easy identification of hose selection by maximum pressure rating. Designed and tested in accordance with ISO 18752 performance requirements, RYCO ISOBARIC hoses will not only streamline productions and costs, but keep equipment performing at its best.
RYCO H6032 hose is a World First: 2” (-32) hose tested to 1 million impulse cycles at up to 1/2 SAE 100R15 Minimum Bend Radius pressure 420 bar / 6100 psi in all sizes for easy system design and hose selection.



The RYCO DRIFTER D4000D hose delivers ultra-flexibility combined with very high cover abrasion resistant properties that are necessary attributes for Jumbo drifter (rock drill) unit assemblies. Combined with the extra high working pressures and excellent impulse life, D4000D DRIFTER provides increased service life and minimizes Jumbo equipment downtime.

3. Compact Spiral

Ultra-flexibility combined with a small bend radius reduces effort during assembly and installations. Compact Spiral hoses are tested to 1 million impulse cycles at up to 1/2 SAE 100R15 Minimum Bend Radius. Constant pressure 420 bar / 6100 psi in all sizes for easy system design and hose selection.



The RYCO SHOCKWAVE SW is a very high-pressure waterblast hose range that is purpose-built for cleaning and preparation of marine surfaces, runway and swimming pool cleaning, and paint removal. The SW hose exceeds ISO 7751 performance requirements and meets specifications EN 1829-2 (impulse) and AS/NZS 4233.2.

Looking Forward

By focusing on intelligent control systems, making technologically advanced applications, and always considering the needs of the next generation, RYCO has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic hoses and couplings.

“I believe that this market will continue to progress in the coming years, and I know RYCO intends on being a major player in pushing the envelope through cutting-edge design, new product development, and working with our partners to distribute the best and safest products for hydraulic applications. We are very active in the industry, both through our involvement with different global standards committees, and in our relationships with our OEM and distributor partners, and ultimately, I think this is what will continue to set us apart as the industry leader,” concluded Turner.

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