RYCO Hydraulics: Innovator of Hydraulic Applications

With over 70 years of experience developing hydraulic hoses and fittings, RYCO has earned a reputation for producing a range of high quality products worldwide. Its engineering excellence, customer focus, and dynamic products make its services continually sought after in a number of industries including: mining, underground, forestry, construction, utilities, environmental, defense, marine, oil and gas, and agricultural. The commitment to manufacturing and distributing its products globally is one of the many factors that make the brand a leading innovator of hydraulic applications.

Hose + Coupling World had the pleasure of speaking with Senior Vice President at RYCO Americas, Gordon Duff, concerning the company’s endeavor to surpass customer expectations and its ability to deliver technologically superior fluid conveying connection products and solutions.

RYCO commenced manufacturing hydraulic hose, fittings and accessories in Melbourne, Australia, in 1946. Since its inception, the company has expanded its product range to meet the ever increasing needs of the worldwide hydraulic industry. With warehouses, OEM assembly centers, and RYCO 24/7 Service Centers and Mobile Operators strategically placed in in Australia, ASEAN Pacific, Canada, North America, South America, Europe, China, South Africa and West Africa; and fully accredited manufacturing facilities in Australia, China and Malaysia, the company is able to provide the highest level of quality service.

In today’s competitive business environment, the requirement for suppliers and clients to work closely together is critical in understanding the demands of the marketplace. RYCO has addressed this issue with the introduction of new products, electronic services and software solutions aimed at increasing overall performance and business efficiencies moving forward.

“We have been successful at establishing a substantial global footprint over the last 70 years, and that has allowed us to maintain a continuity in both our product offerings and our client support,” expressed Duff. “Preserving this presence within the market is very important to us, as it ensures that we are able to meet all of our customers’ needs.”

Dynamic Growth

Over the last few years, the company has listened closely to its North American clients and determined that in order to continue as an industry leader, it would need to invest in new technologies that were able to enhance the productivity and success of its clients’ business.

“The company has grown significantly over the past five years and we want to make sure that we are in a position to continue to grow,” stated Duff. “More importantly,” he continued, “we want to make sure that we are able to support our customers in their aspirations of growth as well. We are very much a company set on cultivating relationships with people to create engineered solutions for our clients. We want to develop partnerships with our customers; it is the part and parcel of the RYCO business.”

In addition to the diverse line of hoses, crimpers, adapters, clamps and couplings RYCO offers, the company provides programs such as the myRYCO ecommerce program and QRAM software tool, which help the company accomplish its endeavor to enhance client experience. To further realize this goal, RYCO recently launched its latest asset management tracking system, the QRAM.

RYCO Asset Management System: QRAM

RYCO has introduced a software system with the potential to help businesses maximize efficiency and reduce downtime. RYCO Asset Management (QRAM) is a Hose Identification, Asset Tracking, Audit and Inspection, Preventative Maintenance and Reporting System that uses a labeling system to provide a digital link to the asset information.

The key to its effectiveness is its usability:

  • QRAM is online (cloud based)
  • QRAM is modular
  • QRAM is mobile (accessible via Android & iOS)

The labels are made of a durable Mylar adhesive tape, designed to withstand extreme conditions and can be easily applied to hydraulic hoses. The ability to simply scan and go, gives operators and hose assemblers instant access to essential hose information.

Designed to provide a complete management solution, the user-friendly database system provides unparalleled benefits to users. QRAM includes:

  • Speed to market
  • Hose identification
  • Asset tracking
  • Global traceability
  • Ease of supply
  • Work order management
  • Accurate asset replacement order
  • Revenue growth
  • Cost reduction
  • Asset transfer
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Reporting system
  • Client to client

QRAM’s Distributor Advantage

QRAM offers the promise of repeat business on the supply of hose through the distribution channel, by offering clients 100% accuracy of re-ordering assets, one-stop supply and transparency of the hose assembly bills of materials. Ease of identification by the client ensures quicker response times and speed to market. The printing of asset labels with the distributor’s branding and contact details allows direct point of call, repeat business, speed and efficiency — promoting immediate response to clients’ requirements. With QRAM, the distributor instantly offers a 24/7 ordering service with reordering feature, once scanned. Not to mention, reporting within QRAM provides a proactive sales tool, identifying inspections and asset lifecycle for the clients. Aftermarket sales will never be lost with improved speed to market through visual contact and location information, along with 100% accuracy of the bill of material information.

QRAM’s OEM Advantage

QRAM offers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) the ability to have total cost of ownership of assets. It also allows for full traceability, performance monitoring, warranty tracking and accuracy of supply. Ease of contact with the distributor also ensures maximum service and support, through the equipment lifecycle. OEMs have the visibility to conduct failure mode effects analysis reporting to drive equipment productivity, performance, preventative maintenance planning and ultimately, supporting customer retention.

Looking to the Future

The company’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has provided it with the knowledge and understanding to create hoses and fittings that work together for any application. As an engineering driven solutions provider, RYCO designs each of its hose and coupling products together, to ensure that the application is as effective as possible. “We do not design our products separately,” explained Duff. “Everything is designed and manufactured to work and fit together to mitigate the potential for errors.”

The company also strives to develop and implement new processes to become more competitive in the marketplace. “We want to be different than the traditional manufacturer,” said Duff. “We are constantly looking at ways to not only improve our products, but to eliminate waste in the manufacturing process and ultimately be the supplier of choice.”

By focusing on intelligent control systems and making technologically advanced applications, in an industry that has placed little priority on smart systems, RYCO has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic hoses and couplings. “We believe that our global strength in engineering, innovation and product development provide our customers a high level of service and solutions unparalleled in the industry,” expressed Duff.