Rotor Clamp Introduces New Industrial Hose Clamps

Rotor Clamp, an international leader in self-compensating hose clamps, has expanded their range of industrial hose clamps. The company’s products are certified according to strict quality standards. These industrial hose clamps expand and contract with hoses in response to temperature changes, and they cannot be over- or under-tightened. Users can easily install or remove them with manual and pneumatic tools.

The company is offering six models: single-wire clamps (HC) that offer the strongest holding force; single-wire slim clamps (HW) are slightly slimmer than the HC series; double-wire clamps (DW) are recommended for situations in which aesthetics are important and a lower force than single-wire clamps provide is sufficient; constant-tension band clamps (CTB) offer a force between those of single-wire and double-wire clamps; constant-tension band light clamps (CTL) are cost-efficient alternatives to other band clamps; pre-opened, pre-positioned clamps (CTO) are designed for rubber-hose manufacturers that pre-glue clamps to hoses for the automotive industry.

Image credit: Rotor Clamp

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