Rotec Hydraulics backs ‘#ChooseQForQuality’

The applications for hydraulic hoses can be very varied. In the industrial sector, hydraulic hoses are used within a system to convert mechanical power into fluid power, and are under a wide range of pressures. If that fluid was to exit unannounced from a hose it could cause a lot of damage, serious injury or even death.

This is why the ‘Choose Q for Quality’ campaign from the BFPA is important to Rotec Hydraulics. The role of the campaign is to highlight why every business should ensure that they have a hose supplier that carries the Q mark and is a member of the Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme. The Q mark is a sign and a guarantee that you know your equipment is manufactured and assembled with highest safety standards.

Being a member of the Approved Hose Assemblies scheme means Rotec was audited by the BFPA, which proves to their customers that they take safety and quality extremely seriously. Rotec manufactures and produces hose assemblies in accordance with both manufacturers’ guidelines, SAE standards and in accordance with BFPA protocol.

Image credit: Rotec Hydraulics

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