Reliable Hose Solutions announces new crimp-on fitting

Reliable Hose Solutions, provider of high pressure hoses, assemblies, adapters, BOP hoses, and other industrial hoses and supplies, has announced its newest innovation, hose crimp-on fitting Verso-LOK, designed to keep hydraulic hose swivel connections from coming loose.  

According to the company, Verso-LOK is designed with a unique jam nut that engages against the primary swivel nut preventing the loosening of the primary swivel connection. This design uses a left hand threaded jam nut against a typical right hand threaded swivel nut.  Once the primary swivel nut is engaged and properly sealed in a right handed direction, the operator can simply hold the nut firmly in place while tightening the left handed jam nut up against it. This reverse effect of opposite directions eliminates either nut from backing off by physics of opposite force.   

The original Verso-LOK design was first developed using JIC threads in order to prevent the loosening of hose ends on subsea Blow Out Preventers (BOP’s.) In this application, there are extremely high impulses, vibrations and hydraulic shock while functions are being fired, leading to sluggish hydraulic performance, leaks, downtime and loss of production. Verso-LOK hose ends are designed for applications such as pile driving equipment, shaker systems, aviation or any application where leaky hose connections are not an option.

Image courtesy of Reliable Hose Solutions.   


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