RAMM Aerospace offers heater line kit with P2 hose

RAMM Aerospace is pleased to offer a TCCA and FAA approved Replacement AS350 Heater Line Kit with several unique features. The RAMM Aerospace Replacement AS350 Stainless Steel Heater Line Kit was developed with an operator that saw a need in the industry for a replacement kit that reduced maintenance costs and aircraft downtime.
“The majority of the certified helicopter products offered by RAMM Aerospace are customer driven. This Heater Line Kit is another great example of how a solution can be designed with unique features that reduce maintenance costs,” explained Peggy McDonald, VP of Marketing and Sales at RAMM Aerospace. “We have been managing the inventory carefully so we can support those aircraft coming in for 12 year inspections or need to replace older aluminum lines.”

The RAMM Replacement AS350 Heater Line Kit includes insulated, stainless steel pipes that are direct replacements for the aluminum OEM parts. Also included are the adapters, clamps and fasteners, everything required to complete the installation. The kit interfaces with the existing control valve and P2 hose from the engine. The insulated pipes come equipped with the added reliability of Flared AN Coupling nuts, instead of less robust compression fittings. The kit has also been approved to be “replaced on condition” and does not have a life limit.

Image courtesy RAMM Aerospace

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