Quick-test™ USN line of hoses and adapters

Ralston Instruments, a specialist in the advancement of pressure calibration equipment, has just released the Ralston Quick-test™ USN line of hoses & adapters. Made in the USA from military-grade 316 stainless steel, the new USN adapters provide access to existing high pressure ports with a click-in, click-out quick-connect without the threat of accidental disconnection. System pressure locks the quick-connect to eliminate disconnection while live pressure puts the technicians at risk.

According to Doug Ralston, Senior VP, Engineering, “The unique design of the USN line offers secure, safe, time-saving connections under very high pressure, just like a standard quick-connect sleeve. In the past, this would have been impossible without a threaded connection that required a wrench or thread sealant. This technology was designed for the Navy, but there was obvious crossover into the commercial market. We are excited to take that next step.”

USN Adapters were specifically designed for use on US Navy aircraft carriers and submarines and is now available at the commercial level for converting NPT, AN/JIC 37° flare and high pressure ports into industrial-style quick-connects. The light and flexible USN Hoses are designed to handle very high pressure in fluid, gas, or pneumatic media up to 10,000 PSI while locking into place to prevent accidental discharge. The Ralston Quick-test™ USN Adapters and Hoses provide military-tested ruggedness for commercial and industrial high pressure applications.

Image Courtesy of Ralston Instruments

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