PTFE Generator Hoses from Fluorocarbon Company

Fluorocarbon Hose Ltd. manufactures a wide range of hoses for hydrogen/water-cooled turbine generators. The stator winding circuits are directly cooled by de-ionized water which is supplied from a distribution header via flexible PTFE hoses.

Generator hose assemblies typically comprise unbraided thick-wall PTFE tubing with stainless steel or phosphor bronze fittings swaged on each end. The PTFE hose is formed into specific shapes to fit the generator.

More features include: smooth bore PTFE tubing, providing low resistance to flow; available in virgin and black pigmented PTFE; minimum design life of 25 years; PTFE processed for maximum flex life; bespoke hoses manufactured to customer specification; standard and custom fittings available in non-magnetic stainless steel and phosphor bronze; available in lengths up to 6m.

Image credit: Fluorocarbon Company Ltd.

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